Prime Video now lets you add a dozen new channels to your subscription in Australia

Amazon Prime Video Channels
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Trying to manage our growing number of subscription services these days can feel a bit like a full-time job, each with their own usernames, passwords and sign-up processes.

Well, get ready ladies and germs, because a bunch of additional streaming services have just landed on Australian shores.

And while the thought of adding several new streaming services to the Aussie streaming landscape is enough to send anyone into a mild panic, Amazon has made it a whole lot simpler with the launch of Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Much like a cable TV package, Amazon Prime Video Channels lets you pick and choose from a dozen extra channels (of varying cost) that can be added to your Prime Video subscription from within the app itself.

Amazon Prime Video Channels

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Easy does it

We have to applaud the ease in which they've been implemented by Amazon, in that each new channel can be managed from your Prime account, meaning users are afforded the convenience of a single account login and billing method, with content seamlessly folded into the existing Prime Video user interface.

Each of the new channels comes with a 7-day trial period, meaning you can check them out before opting to commit to their monthly fees. 

Channel prices start at just AU$3.99 per month, and include existing services such as Paramount Plus, Hayu and Shudder, along with a number of services which are making their Australian debut, like AMC Plus, MGM and Starzplay – you can check out a complete list of channels (with pricing) below.

  • Paramount Plus (AU$8.99/month)
  • Hayu (AU$6.99/month)
  • Starzplay (AU$3.99/month)
  • MGM (AU$4.99/month)
  • AMC Plus (AU$8.99/month)
  • Acorn TV (AU$6.99/month)
  • Shudder (AU$6.99/month)
  • OUTtv (AU$3.99/month)
  • The Great Courses (AU$7.99/month)
  • iwonder (AU$6.99/month)
  • DocPlay (AU$7.99/month)
  • Love Nature (AU$3.99/month)

For those who aren't already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can can sign up here and take advantage of Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming access, along with a number of other Prime benefits, such as access to Prime Exclusive deals, free expedited shipping on eligible items and more. Alternatively, you can sign up by clicking on one of the options below.

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