JK Rowling stalls on Harry Potter ebooks

Harry Potter writer stalls on plans to release the boy wizard stories in e-book form
Harry Potter writer stalls on plans to release the boy wizard stories in e-book form

UPDATE: Rowling's agent, Neil Blair, has contacted TechRadar to add the following to this story: "The only comment would be that the stories are somewhat exaggerated,as we are simply looking at all the options."


Harry Potter author JK Rowling is stalling when it comes to committing to publishing her hugely popular boy wizard stories in e-book format.

Despite reports in various Scottish newspapers that she was considering publishing the Potter books in e-book format, Rowling is reportedly yet to be convinced of the benefit of releasing her stories digitally.

Rowling's agent at Neil Blair at the Christopher Little Agency told the Bookseller last year that the writer was actively considering e-books for Potter, but new reports suggest she may well have changed her mind.

E-Potter plans on hold

Waterstone's spokesperson Jon Howells told The Guardian that it would be a "massive" story" when the Potter books were finally made available in electronic format.

"They are the biggest book property of recent decades, with a legion of fans who have read them a dozen times and want to read them again in the way they want," said Howells, "seven guaranteed top-selling ebooks just waiting to happen".

TechRadar has contacted Rowling's agent and publisher Bloomsbury for further comment.

The new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, is due out this coming July.

Stay tuned for updates on the plans (or lack of plans) for the publisher to make the hugely popular books available in e-book form as and when we hear more.

Via The Guardian

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