Elonex and Borders launch new eBook

Discount computer manufacturer Elonex enters the eBook market, partnering with Borders bookstores in the UK

Discount computer manufacturer Elonex is launching a new eBook e-reader in the UK, in partnership with leading high street bookstore, Borders.

After splashing out on an £189 Elonex eBook you will also be able to access promotional downloads of eBooks from Border's eBook Download Store

The launch of Elonex's eBook is hot on the heels of the launch of the Cool-er e-reader.

These, in turn, join Sony's Reader on the shelves of UK bookstores. No word, as yet, on any plans from Amazon to launch the Kindle reader over on these shores, but TechRadar expects that we should see that device in stores by the end of 2009.

Online bookstore offers

Elonex are perhaps best well known in the UK for the launch of low-cost (and super low-spec) netbooks aimed at the casual and education markets.

Elonex's eBook has a 6-inch eInk screen, is 9mm thin and weighs 180g, with an SD card slot and priced at £189. Pretty much exactly the same as the Cool-er, then!

It will be the partnership with a leading high street bookstore and the offers on Borders' eBook Download Store, that will help to make or break this device.

Stay tuned for our full review of Elonex's eBook as soon as get hold of one – in addition to a head-to-head comparison between Cool-er's own download store and Borders' eBook Download Store.

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