Could this be Google Glass 2?

It's fair to say that Google Glass has run into its fair share of problems recently - even Sergey Brin is leaving his headset in the car.

But the search giant isn't letting up on its headset and has released a new patent giving us a peek at what the next version could look like.

The patent shows some big changes to the headset, including the decision to shift the camera/display unit from the right eye to the left. And while the metallic band remains, Google has removed the nose support, giving the headset a much sleeker look.

Eye for an eye

Adding to the new streamlined design is the removal of the large battery that, on the current Glass model, sits behind your right ear. Instead Google has added two small ear hooks to the ends of the headband that could, potentially, contain batteries.

Judging from the patent drawing, the touch pad on the side of the main unit has also been given a new, ridged design. This could be to make it easier to locate by touch and use quickly.

This news comes only two days after we heard that Google is planning to use an Intel processor in the new version of Glass. The result could be a perfect storm of improved design, greater power efficiency and a lower price.

Ok, we made that last part up. But all things considered, 2015 could be a big year for Google Glass.

Via: TechAeris