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Teac launches flat-panel radio

Size zero: the TEAC R1-X1DAB is just 90mm thin and weighs 1.5kg

Teac is doing its bit for the size zero debate by launching a super-skinny digital radio that makes almost every other model out there look positively portly by comparison.

The R-X1DAB can do this because it employs flat-panel speaker technology developed by UK firm NXT , and promises decent sound to go with its svelte design.

Teac is so excited by the inclusion of NXT technology in its radio, that it's decided to make something of a feature of it: a huge swathe of the fascia has been given over to the rather bland speaker design.

However the wall-mountable R-X1DAB picks up points for its user interface - a simple jog-dial makes it easy to find your way through the receivable DAB stations - and you even get a remote thrown in for the £149 asking price.

Other key features include a side-mounted auxiliary input which enables you to plug in portable audio players like the Apple iPod , plus an alarm/sleep timer and headphone socket. The unit is available in black or white finishes, and has a claimed power output of 15W RMS.