Microsoft Surface watch seen in the wild - apparently

Microsoft Surface watch seen in wild - apparently
This categorically is not the Surface watch...

We're not so much taking this story with a pinch of salt as taking a vacation to Utah's salt flats with a mechanical digger - but apparently Microsoft's Surface smartwatch is being trialed in the wild and one journalist has spent time with it.

Gearlive claims that it got some time with the Surface watch, which was being trialed by a mystery New Yorker, several months ago - and then decided not to mention it until now.

But they can tell us that it's got an elongated screen, uses a Windows 8 tile system (duh) and is 'packed with sensors'.

Picture imperfect

There's no, you know, actual proof that this watch is anything but a pie in the sky. No pictures were taken and most of the details provided could be gleaned from the back of the average rumour round-up.

But that doesn't stop the assertion that it will be compatible with other operating systems, that it will play nicely with your Xbox and it could be announced (bold statement this) at E3 or after E3. So at some point then.

This aside, We're relatively sure Microsoft is working on a smartwatch and the chances are it will play nicely with your other Microsoft kit and potentially even other operating systems.

We're just not likely to be trawling around New York bars hoping for a glimpse.

  • So if the surface watch isn't going to be there what DO we expect from E3 2014?

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