Kogan taking on fitness with new Fortis TrackFit tracker

Kogan Fortis TrackFit
Fortis TrackFit makes fitness tracking cheaper

You may have missed it, but Kogan has a new fitness brand, Fortis, under which Kogan is now selling dumbells, home gym solutions, yoga mats, etc.

In among all the equipment is the Fortis TrackFit, a fitness tracker that can be slotted into a small pouch with a clip (like the Fitbit Zip) or a wristband.

The unit with clip, wristband and USB charging wire will set you back $69, making it a lot cheaper than most other trackers out there (the Fitbit Zip alone will set you back about $72).

Budget tracker

But the Fortis TrackFit is still just a budget option, which is evident with the lack of smartphone integration - you can only sync to a Windows PC.

But for your $69, the TrackFit does track sleep length and quality, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, activity time and daily target progress. It's only available in black at the moment, but you do get free shipping.

Once we get our hands on the tracker, we'll have a better look at just how accurate the Fortis TrackFit tracker is.