Photoshop (and Illustrator) rival slashes prices by 50%

Serif Affinity Photo/Publisher/Designer - $24.99 each

Serif Affinity Photo/Publisher/Designer - $24.99 each
Serif is currently offering its creative photo editing, DTP and graphic design software at a 50% discount to assist the creative community in these challenging times. New users can also trial each application for three months without any commitments, making the Affinity Suite a great Adobe alternative.

Serif has been in the business of making creative software for decades and while its biggest competitor has made the jump to a subscription model, it has stuck ardently with the lifetime license.

In these difficult times, Serif has slashed its prices to make it easier for the creative community to sample its platform. Right now, its photo editing software (Affinity Photo), DTP software (Affinity Publisher) and graphic design software (Affinity Designer) are available for $24.99/£23.99 (about AU$40) each on macOS and Windows. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer also have an iPad Pro version that costs only $9.99/£9.99 (about AU$16).

That’s a 50% saving on the usual price and you can even trial the applications for three whole months without any commitments.

Affinity Photo’s toolkit includes RAW processing, panorama stitching, warping tools, a healing brush, and all the advanced color-refining tools you’d expect from a premium image editor.

Affinity Designer is ideal for illustrators and web designers, with unlimited artboards, non-destructive effects and adjustment layers, RGB, CMYK, LAB, Pantone and ICC color management, and 10 million+ percent zoom.

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When we reviewed Designer last year, we found out it demonstrated “immense promise, and if your workflow doesn’t require compatibility with InDesign files, then you should definitely give Publisher, and its two companion apps, a serious look.”

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