Tokina unveils new 11-16mm lens

Tokina 11-16mm lens
Tokina has announced a new wide-angle lens

Tokina has unveiled a new version of its popular wide-angle 11-16mm f/2.8 "professional" lens.

It features a newly developed ultra quiet DC motor, and new lens coating. The lens also has an autofocus, motor so it can be used with cameras that don't have an integrated AF motor, such as the Nikon D5100.

The lens contains nine aperture blades, and is constructed of 13 elements in 11 groups.

Weighing in at around 550g, the length of the lens is 89.2mm, coming with a 77mm filter size.


The widest aperture of the lens is f/2.8, going all the way down to an f/22 minimum. Capable of focusing from 0.3m, its maximum magnification is 1:11.6.

One touch focus is also included to allow for quick sliding between autofocus and manual focus by using the focus ring at the front of the lens.

We spoke to a representative from Kenro, which imports Tokina lenses to the UK to find out if the lens would be available in the UK, but as of yet there has been no confirmation.

The original 11-16mm lens was announced back in 2007, with a list of price of 90,000 Yen.

The Tokina AT-X 11-16 f/2.8 PRO DX II UK should be available in March 2012 for the Nikon mount version, or July 2012 for the Canon mount model. The Japanese price is also listed as 90,000 yen, or around £740.

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