Sony updates Cybershot camera range

The S930 range is part of Sony's new Cybershot line-up
The S930 range is part of Sony's new Cybershot line-up

Sony has announced its new range of cameras today, offering a whole host of imaging delights.

First up are the T900 and T90 – unfortunately, despite what their name suggests, neither are related to the upcoming Terminator flick.

Instead, Sony is calling the cameras chic and ultra-slim, and a quick look at the specs goes someway to confirm the hyperbole.

Both make use of a 12.1MP sensor, 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen and 4x optical zoom. And they have the ability to shoot HD 720p movie clips as well.

For those who have a bad case of the shakes, never fear, as Sony has added a new Optical Steady Shot feature to minimise blur and shake in pictures.

There's also the now-compulsory 'detection' features: the T900 and T90 will happily detect faces, scenes and smiles,

The T90 is the thinnest in the range, with a body measuring just 13.9mm. The T900 isn't exatly portly, with a 15.1mm chassis.

HD shooting

Also released is the Cybershot W270. This uses the same 12.1MP sensor as its T-series brethren, but it ups the optical zoom to 5x. It also houses the ability to film in 720p and all the above 'detection' features.

There's also a 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus screen to view your images on.

The other new cameras launched today are the S930 – a 10.1MP entry level shooter available in silver, black and pink – and the Cybershot H20.

This cam has the best optical zoom of the bunch – an impressive 10x. It also shoots 720p movie footage. Sensor size is 10.1MP.

All the cameras mentioned above are available from April, except for the W270 – which will be available mid-March. Prices have yet to be announced.

Marc Chacksfield

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