Samsung unleashes 60x zoom bridge camera

Samsung WB2200F
Samsung's new WB2200F is a bit of a beast

Samsung has revealed a new range of compact cameras at CES.

Last week, the company announced a new compact system camera and Galaxy compact, but it wasn't content to finish there and has added a further six compacts to the announcement roster.

The WB2200F is a 60x optical zoom bridge camera which features a DualGrip design. The lens starts at an ultra wide 20mm (35mm equivalent) and users have the option to use the zoom at double speed or go directly from zero to 60x.

It also features a 16 million pixel BSI CMOS sensor, full HD video recording and a 3 inch LCD screen. It also has an electronic viewfinder. Similar to Samsung's range of compact system cameras, the WB2200F features an iFunction button for controlling various parameters of the camera.

Also announced today is the WB1100F, which features a 35x optical zoom with a 25mm wide-angle lens.

The WB100F features a a Speed Control Key which allows you to quickly move through the various levels of zoo. It can also be used to activate the panoramic mode.

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The third camera, the Wb350F features a 21x optical zoom with a 23mm wide angle lens. It uses a 16 million pixel BSI CMOS sensor, and is capable of recording full HD video. On the back of the camera is a 3 inch touch sensitive LCD screen.

Finally, the next two cameras are aimed at more family orientated users. The WB50F features a 12x optical zoom, 16 million pixel sensor and Smart Mode.

Meanwhile, the WB35 also features a 12x optical zoom and 16 million pixel sensor and includes a Smart Mode and Live Panorama mode. It features a 2.7 inch LCD screen.

All of the new cameras feature NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity and utilise Samsung's "Tag and Go" feature, which connects cameras to smartphones and tablets by tapping the two together (NFC needed).

This means you can use features such as Photo Beam for instantly transferring an image across to a smartphone or tablet, while AutoShare saves images straight to a smartphone in real time.

Pricing and availability of the new cameras is yet to be announced.

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