Nikon: D800E orders 'far above expectations'

Nikon D800E
Nikon says that pre-orders for its D800E, the special edition of the D800, have been greater than expected

Nikon Japan has issued a statement which suggests that pre-orders of the Nikon D800E are above what it was expecting.

The D800E was announced at the same time as the D800 earlier in the year, and has the anti-aliasing quality of the sensor filter removed in order to produce more detailed images in certain situations.

Costing an extra £300 (around $477), the extra detail comes at the risk of false colour and moire patterning, which Nikon claims can be easily removed in post production should it occur.

Last month, Nikon issued a very similar statement about the D800, which is currently available for sale in very limited quantities, with many customers still waiting for their orders to be fulfilled.

At the time of the launch, Nikon said it expected around 10% of the sales volume of D800 cameras to be for the D800E.


According to the statement, shipments of the D800E will start from tomorrow (April 12).

Nikon faced criticism last month by raising the prices of both the D800 and D4 by over 10% in the UK due to what it described as a "systems error."

The D800E rose to £2,899.99, but Nikon UK said that any pre-orders made before March 24th would be honour the original price.

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