Nikon: D800 customers need to be patient

Nikon D800
Nikon says it currently has more customers than it does D800 cameras

Nikon has said that customers who ordered a D800 DSLR and are waiting to have their order fulfilled need to be patient as the factory is working hard.

Speaking to TechRadar, Jeremy Gilbert - Nikon's UK marketing manager said, "There hasn't been that period of time after the announcement where people think about and wait to commit, they're already ordering. That's quite a challenge for us as a business."

"At the moment there are more customers than cameras, and that's a great position to be in. People need to be patient, our biggest priority is with quality - we can't just push the volume up."


Nikon announced the 36 million pixel D800 DSLR back in February, but faced criticism when it announced a £200 price-hike following what it described as a "systems error." The price of cameras pre-ordered before the price increase was honoured by Nikon.

Customers waiting on a D800, as well as the pro-level Nikon D4, have faced some delays, after the original availability dates were pushed back.

Back in February, Nikon revealed that it was hoping to produce 30,000 units of the D800 per month, along with 5,000 Nikon D4 units in its factory in Sendai, Japan.

It looks set to be a big year for Nikon, which has already announced three new DSLRs this year.

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