Nikon D700 & D300S discontinued

Nikon D700
Is the Nikon D700 about to be replaced?

Two DSLRs in Nikon's range have been officially listed on the Nikon Japan website as discontinued, potentially indicating that replacement models could be on the cards.

Although rumours have been hotting up lately that a Nikon D800 could soon be appearing, it's pretty interesting to see the D300S also up for the chop, this could perhaps be the first serious indication that a D400 is also imminent.

Many hoped that the D800 would appear at the end of last year, but we are still waiting. However, Nikon has introduced another DSLR, the D4 in the intervening time.

It's now thought, that the camera, which is rumoured to feature a 36 million pixel sensor, will make its appearance at the CP+ photography show taking place in Japan at the beginning of February.


Other rumoured specs include a 4fps shooting mode and Full HD video shooting at 1080p.

The D400 meanwhile is a little trickier to second guess, but early indications suggest that it will feature a quick burst rate and an AF system which has been adapted from the D4.

There has also been suggestion that a beginner camera, a Nikon D3200, could be making an appearance soon, but even fewer details are available.

We tried to get hold of someone from Nikon UK to talk about the discontinued products, but nobody was available. We'll update the story as soon as hear anything official.

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