Nikon confirms theft of D4 and D800 samples

Nikon D4
A pre-production sample of the Nikon D4 was amongst the stock stolen

A van belonging to Nikon Professional Services (NPS) that contained a huge collection of pro gear, including pre-production samples of the D4 and D800, was stolen following a roadshow event in Dublin, Ireland.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar Nikon UK's communication's manager, Claudia Paul said that the circumstances of the theft have not yet been made public, but it is believed to have happened near Phoenix Park in Dublin on Saturday evening.

She was unable to comment upon whether weapons had been used, if it was a targeted crime or if it was a more casual, chance theft.

While Nikon UK has a list of the equipment that was stolen it is not making it public and Mrs Paul was unable to comment on the accuracy or otherwise of a list published on Nikon Rumours.

The show goes on

Despite the size of the haul, Mrs Paul was able to confirm that no future roadshows will be affected as arrangements have been made to allow them to proceed.

All the stolen stock belongs to Nikon UK and it is insured. The Irish Police Force is currently investigating the theft in co-operation with the UK-based NPS team.

Pro gear

Nikon announced the 16.2 million pixel D4 on 6th January and D800 on 7th February, but as yet no full production samples have become available.


Nikon Professional Services is a members' only service that provides assistance to professional photographers that own a minimum of two Nikon Professional Bodies and 3 Nikkor or DX Nikkor lenses.