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Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0 and View NX 2.2.5 unveiled

Nikon NX2
Nikon has introduced an upgrade for it's NX2 software
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Nikon has released new versions of its Capture NX and View NX image editing software programs.

The new Capture NX now includes 64-bit support for Windows, along with a host of other new features. Lens information is now displayed in the Metadata palette for images capture with the Nikon 1 V1 or Nikon 1 J1 using the Mount Adapter FT1.

Space pictures

An Astro Noise Reduction option has also been added to Noise Reduction in the Camera Settings portion of the Develop section in the Edit List palette. This means that the randomly spaced bright pixels that occur in images of stars captured with long exposures can be reduced.

Under White Balance, a new automatic preset, Auto2 has been added. This is available with raw images captured with the recently announced Nikon Coolpix P7100, the company's high-end premium compact camera.

A number of other improvements have also been made to both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the programs.

Meanwhile, Auto 2 has also been added to new features in View NX 2.2.5, for images captured with the Coolpix P7100. An issue that prevented the display of Exposure mode in the Metadata palette for images captured underwater in Easy Auto mode with the Coolpix AW100 has now been resolved. Further compatibility with the Nikon 1 system has again been added.

Both upgrades to the software can be downloaded from the Nikon website for free, where a full list of new features and specifications can also be found.