Kodak PIXPRO line welcomes new 4K VR action cam

Kodak 4K

JK Imaging Ltd. has taken this year's Photokina trade show in Cologne as an opportunity to add to its action camera line with a new 360 VR model.

Marketed under the Kodak PIXPRO brand to which the company holds the worldwide license, the Kodak PIXPRO 4KVR360 has been built with two fixed-focus lenses that between them record 360-degree 4K footage. This is recorded with a 20MP CMOS sensor, with footage stored on a MicroSD card.

To enable remote control from a smart device, the camera has Wi-Fi and NFC integrated into its body, and this works in conjunction with an app that's available for iOS and Android platforms. With this, the user can upload 360° content to YouTube or Facebook, while pairing via Bluetooth through an optional remote control device for the same purpose will also be possible.

The new model follows the SP360 4K VR that was announced last year. Like that model, the 4KVR360 will ship with a free version of the PIXPRO Editing and Stitching program for both Mac and PC.

"The decision to continue expanding our award winning 360° VR camera line up with the new KODAK PIXPRO 4KVR360 was a natural progression," said Mariame Cisse, Marketing Director for JK Imaging Ltd., Europe. "We are committed to the interactive 360° video format and want to give yet another option to consumers when it comes to choosing a quality 360° VR camera based on their specific needs."

The model will launch in the first half of 2017 although pricing is yet to be announced.