Cameras in 2012: what we want to see

What are the cameras we're hoping to see in 2012?

With a new year upon us, our attention has naturally turned to which cameras could be announced in 2012. We've already seen the Canon 1DX make its debut at the end of the year, but it will be February before it's actually available to buy.

With a wealth of camera enthusiasts in our very own offices, we did the rounds to find out what we'd all like to see in the new year...

Angela Nicholson, Head of Testing - Photography Portfolio

"I'd like camera manufactuers to take a leaf out of smart phone manufacturers' book and start producing apps that add functionality to their cameras. For a small fee you could add extra digital filters, or an add an app like TackSharp that displays the hyperfocal distance for the attached lens at the selected aperture. Who knows, perhaps the camera could even be persuaded to focus at that distance to get maximum depth of field."

Amy Davies, News Reporter - Photography Portfolio

"I'm really interested to see whether or not Canon introduces a compact system camera. It seems insane that it is the only major manufacturer on the market without one, so I'm sure it can't be far behind. With so many people railing against the Nikon 1 system, it'll be fascinating to see what Canon could come up with - perhaps a full-frame sensor, the same lens mount as its DSLRs or more crazy filters than Olympus? Whatever happens, it'll be great watching the reaction from the industry and consumers.

Alastair Jennings, Imaging Lab Manager - Photography Portfolio

"I'd like a new touch screen compact camera with a fixed focal length lens and the option to add lenses... a bit like the Ricoh GR. I'd like the touch-screen interface to work along the lines of the iPhone, with aperture control adjusted by touch. I'd also like to be able to control the camera using my iPhone."

Geoff Harris, Editor - Digital Camera magazine

"I would love to see the 5D Mark III, there's been a dearth of hot new SLRs in 2011, and the new upgraded video functions that Canon is hinting at sound absolutely amazing. I'd also like to see a unified raw format. It's scandalous that lazy camera makers are allowed to get away with this - they should put the customer first! Oh... and lenses with built in lens caps like my old Minoltas."

Peter Travers, Editor - PhotoPlus magazine

"A Canon EOS 5D Mark III/6D, a full-frame and fast semi-pro level DSLR, with the full-frame sensor and pixel power of a 5D Mark II, but the speed and handling of the sportier 7D, but half the price of the Canon 1DX!"

Chris George, Editor - N-Photo magazine

"I'd like to see an SLR with built in GPS, built in wi-fi and a built in radio trigger. All the technology is so cheap nowadays, that it would be very easy to put in a Nikon D400, or perhaps the next Canon DSLR."

Ben Brain, Editor - Practical Photoshop magazine

"I want a Nikon D800 - if it ever gets released..."

Rod Lawton, Technique Editor - N-Photo magazine

"Olympus should relaunch its old Trip film camera, with a solar-powered meter, simple zone focusing and the lens barrel (no AF) and click-stop white balance and ISO settings on the outside of the camera. Exposure modes? Just program AE with EV compensation. That's it - nice and simple."

Jeff Morgan, Technique Editor - PhotoPlus magazine

"I would love 'full' wireless control of my DSLR with just my iPhone or iPad in the field with live view on the phone and no extra loose hardware or cables required..."

We've had our say, now you can have yours - let us know what you're hoping will be released in the year ahead in the comments box below or via our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Amy Davies

Amy has been writing about cameras, photography and associated tech since 2009. Amy was once part of the photography testing team for Future Publishing working across TechRadar, Digital Camera, PhotoPlus, N Photo and Photography Week. For her photography, she has won awards and has been exhibited. She often partakes in unusual projects - including one intense year where she used a different camera every single day. Amy is currently the Features Editor at Amateur Photographer magazine, and in her increasingly little spare time works across a number of high-profile publications including Wired, Stuff, Digital Camera World, Expert Reviews, and just a little off-tangent, PetsRadar.