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Photobox 26 page a3 personalised hard cover with premium quality paper and matt lamination

Photobox 26-page a3 personalised hard cover with premium quality paper and matt lamination

Photobox is among the better-known online printing companies. With an online-only production process, you'll need to ensure your browser has the latest Flash player installed.

Photos can be uploaded to your Photobox account, but there's a 10Mb limit per file. Should you have a gallery of larger shots, then the faff of resizing will eat up a lot of your time (and Photobox can't perform these adjustments).

Photobox software interface

Photobox software interface

The browser software enables you to reposition, crop, and enlarge images. However, the small browser window doesn't feel as intimate a work area as some of competition. It's not possible to work across a double-page spread either, and we encountered issues where text boxes got stuck in front of images.

Enlarge a shot to excess and a graphic notifies you of a dip in quality. If you're uncertain about anything else, then another big plus point is the live online chat feature, which enables you to ask questions and get responses in real time.

It took just over one week for the book to arrive. The image on the matte cover appeared dark and dull, and there was some blistering near the spine. The images in the book were good quality, but the limited file size may be problematic at larger print sizes. The biggest problem we experienced was that photo areas we left blank printed up as black boxes.

Product details

Price: £53.97 (26-page A3 Personalised Hard Cover with Premium Quality Paper and Matt Lamination)
Size: 37x28.5cm
Postage: £3.99
Formats: Online only
Delivery time: Eight working days

We like

Good system for image-quality assessment
Live online chat

We dislike

Blank areas printed black
10Mb per image upload limit
Image preview is poor


2 stars