World's first wearable HD camcorder arrives

Contour HD - the world's first wearable high def camcorder
Contour HD - the world's first wearable high def camcorder

If you were in the market for a wearable high-def camcorder for this year's snowboarding season just-ended (and, after all, who wasn't?!) then this week's announcement of the world's first HD headware couldn't have come at a worse time.

After all, the snow has all melted and you are going to have to wait all the way through to Winter 2009/2010 until you can properly try out Twenty20's second-generation ContourHD wearable headcam out on the piste, capturing your mates' dream method air in high def glory (and, more amusingly, his twenty-eight bail-outs beforehand...)

Better quality video

Twenty20's YouTube-friendly wearable camcorder is of course just the ticket for all types of extreme sports, as well as more sedate, less extreme pastimes - if you just wanted to make a nice movie of your morning commute, for example (although your fellow Tube or bus passengers might give you some funny looks...).

Twenty20 claims to have 'seriously improved' the video quality, field of view, memory capacity and audio experience of its ContourHD.

The latest version saves your extreme/embarrassing commute movies on a microSD card (up to 16GB which equates to 8 hours of recording time) and features a 135-degree wideangle lens and laser-guided alignment system.

Out in May for $300 (£205). Check them out in action over at

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Adam Hartley