6 scintillating portrait photography ideas

6 scintillating portrait photography ideas
Start improving your portrait photography today!

Here's something you probably didn't know: regardless of what camera you have or your ability to use it, we are all portrait photographers.

While once the dominion of famous photographers like David Bailey, the digital revolution and proliferation of cheap, quality cameras has brought portrait photography from the high streets and West End studios into our very own pockets.

If you've ever grouped your family together at Christmas to take a picture, you're a portrait photographer. If you've ever snapped your mates crowded round your other passed out mate at the pub, you're a portrait photographer and a bad friend.

Portrait photography is perhaps the genre we shoot most often with our cameras, and from posing to lighting our subjects, it's also the one that can so easily go wrong.

Below is a round-up of some of the best portrait photography tips and tutorials from our friends at Digital Camera World to help you get started taking better portraits with your new digital camera.

Set up a home photo studio

Set up a home photo studio

1. The first rule of thumb: a good portrait doesn't have to be somewhere exotic. You can set up a home photo studio for minimal cost and start taking striking portraits of family and friends today.

Take better pictures of babies, toddlers and teenagers.

2. Be careful of letting people know just how good you get at portrait photography. Once your friends and family realise you're a talented lensman or lenswoman, you'll be hounded to photograph everyone they know and love. Luckily for you we have these creative tips for taking better pictures of babies, toddlers and teenagers.

Learn to shoot fine art nude photography

3. If you really want to test your skills, why not try using this in-depth guide to shooting fine art nude photography.

Learn this simple bounce flash photography technique

4. Flash is often crucial to a good portrait, but using it effectively can be one of the most challenging things you'll endeavour to do as a photographer. Learn how to get subtle lighting on your subject using this simple bounce flash photography technique.

Get a gritty black and white portrait effect in Photoshop

5. That said, sometimes you don't want subtlety in your portraits. What's more, sometimes you don't realise this until after a shoot. This is where the vast arsenal of Photoshop effects can save you from wasting an afternoon of work. Learn how you can get gritty black and white portraits in Photoshop.

Download free photo frames to give your pictures a striking look

6. And while we're in Photoshop, once you've tweaked your images why not have a bit of fun. Try one of these 50 free photo frames to download and experiment with different looks for your images - and for the Photoshop novices, here's a quick guide on how to use free photo frames.