Optus trial sees free 4G hotspots installed in 100 Uber cars


The next time you hop into an Uber in Sydney or Melbourne, you might get to enjoy some free data thanks to a new partnership between the ride-sharing firm and Optus.

Today the two companies announced an exclusive partnership. There's a few different elements to the partnership, but the most interesting one is the fact that the telco has launched a trial that will see 100 cars in Sydney and Melbourne installed with 4G hotspots.

These hotspots will allow up to 10 connections simultaneously, so both drivers and passengers will be able to download a heap of data without chewing into their own personal data allowance.

The announcement is a little vague on how long the trial will last or whether there's plans to extend beyond those 100 cars to the likes of Uber X, but free Wi-Fi is always welcome, regardless.

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