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ZTE Geek upgrade could claim world's first Tegra 4 phone crown

ZTE Geek upgrade claims world's first Tegra 4 phone crown
Nice bit of wickerwork in the background there

The ZTE Geek looks likely to be the world's first Tegra 4 handset, as ZTE confirms that one Chinese variant at least will come rocking Nvidia's Tegra 4 chip.

The Geek, which has to be the worst handset name since HTC went with ChaCha, was originally announced back in April, and was the ZTE to rock an Intel processor.

But it's so long farewell to that Intel Atom Z2580 on the upcoming edition known as the ZTE Geek U988S.


Chinese certification database TENAA also holds some spec-based clues - the U988S filing promises that the quad-core Tegra 4 chip will be clocked at 1.8GHz, with 2GB of RAM to its name.

The 5-inch LCD display will come in at full HD resolution (1920x1080) as opposed to the existing Geek's 1280x720.

We don't expect to see the quad-core Tegra 4 toting handset coming to the UK, US or Australia any time soon, as the model ZTE confirmed will only work on China Mobile's network. Stay tuned for more details once the phone is officially announced.

We're also waiting on tenterhooks for word on the ZTE N988, also tipped to come rocking the Tegra 4 chip with a host of appetite-whetting specs to boot.

From Engadget