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ZTE Geek could be first Tizen smartphone at MWC 2014

ZTE Geek could be first Tizen smartphone at MWC 2014
Is it time for Tizen at last?

We've been waiting and waiting for a Tizen phone to emerge and finally we may get one at MWC 2014, but perhaps not from the source we were expecting.

Samsung is a major player in the Tizen project and the Korean firm has been heavily linked with smartphones running the alternative software for a while, but it could be beaten to the punch by Chinese manufacturer ZTE.

On the official Tizen website, details of its presence at MWC 2014 include a mention of a "ZTE Geek demo."

Going Geek

The ZTE Geek launched as a middle of the road Android 4.3 Jelly Bean smartphone in April 2013, but it could be able to make a comeback with an all new OS on board.

Questions are being raised over Tizen's appeal however, after Japanese network NTT DoCoMo opted not to range a Tizen handset due to its small market.

TechRadar will be at the Barcelona show to bring you all the latest mobile news, included developments in the Tizen arena.

Via PhoneArena