Yahoo App discovery tools for Android and iOS launched

Yahoo makes app searching that little bit easier
Yahoo makes app searching that little bit easier

Yahoo has revealed two new search tools to help you find your way round the Android Market and Apple App Store.

Called AppSearch and App Spot the search services help you find apps both on a PC and through your smartphone.

AppSearch is the PC version. Load this up and it will, according to Yahoo, "zero-in on any app by showing matching app titles with a full comprehensive description, price, overall star rating from users, and screenshots in one spot to help you with your decision: to download or not to download."

Enhanced mobile experience

For those who prefer to do their app searching through their phones, then AppSpot is an application that will allow you to do just that.

"For an enhanced mobile experience, Yahoo! AppSpot delivers daily, completely personalised recommendations of the iPhone and Android apps you should consider based on the apps you've downloaded," said the release.

Given that there are around 600,000 apps to choose from across both stores, anything that makes app searching that bit easier is fine by us.

However, bad news for the UK right now - the AppSpot offering isn't available on our fair Marketplace, so we'll have to muddle along like confused children in the Android maze for a little longer.

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Marc Chacksfield

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