Windows 10 will let you get Android notifications on your PC

Windows 10 will let you have Android notifications on your PC"

Microsoft is set to bring Android phone notifications to your computer screen soon, but only if you're running Windows 10.

The company revealed the project and details at Build 2016 by showing off how the system works during its conference.

You'll be able to see details of missed calls, messages and a variety of other apps on your computer screen, plus you'll also be able to reply to messages directly from your PC.

It will even let you dismiss notifications so you won't have to do it again when you return to your phone.

Up to the big screen

The system works through the Cortana app for Android, which is currently only available in the US with users in the rest of the world having to wait a little longer for the app to roll out to them.

The app puts your notifications into the cloud and then mirrors them onto your connected Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft hasn't confirmed whether the feature will be compatible with Cortana for iOS and it's currently just for Windows 10 Mobile and Android handsets. We don't expect this functionality to come to iOS anytime soon either.

Apple already has its own notification mirroring though, with iOS on your iPhone and iPad able to talk with your Mac - but unsurprisingly the Cupertino firm hasn't looked to extend this notification sharing to Android or Windows 10 Mobile.

Timing on the Android feature is currently unclear as Microsoft has just said it will be for a "future version of Windows".

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