Will Samsung 3D video conversion software pop up in Galaxy S4?

2D to 3D and back again
2D to 3D and back again

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may offer a 3D camera, or so it seems from a new trademark filing made by the South Korean firm.

Filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as trademark number 85866868 (there will be a quiz on that number), the mark is not exactly for a 3D Galaxy S4 lens, but instead a logo for a new 3D camera feature called "2D 3D Movie & Still."

The logo has circular arrows pointing between the words 2D and 3D, indicating that the feature can convert movies and still images between 2D and 3D formats.

According to the trademark, it was filed under a class of patent covering "[a]pplication software for smart phones; application software for tablet computers; digital cameras; USB flash drives; mobile telephones; portable media players; portable computers; rechargeable batteries; smart phones; tablet computers; wireless headsets; lenses for cameras."

What device will support it?

The trademark's intended use for smartphones, as well as the recent filing date on March 5, has led to speculation that the feature is intended for the Galaxy S4.

The trademark could just as easily apply to the firm's tablets or non-smartphone cameras, so a 3D camera in the Galaxy S4 is far from confirmed.

All the trademark indicates for certain is that Samsung is developing a feature to convert videos and photos from 2D to 3D and vice versa.

The Galaxy S4 is set to debut at Samsung's Unpacked event on March 14, so there's mercifully little time left for speculation. TechRadar will be in New York in 3D, high-def, surround sound, etc., so stay tuned for all the latest.

Via Patent Bolt