Vodafone's first own-branded 4G LTE device turns up across the pond

Vodafone s first own branded 4G LTE device turns up across the pond

Vodafone is plotting the launch of an affordable, own-branded 4G-ready handset for its new LTE network, judging by a recent filing to regulators in the United States.

An as-yet-unannouncedf device called the Vodafone Smart 4G has been cleared for use across the pond by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The handset, which won't actually be going on sale in the US (Vodafone has no presence there) appears to be a rebranded version of a Chinese device called the Coolpad 8860U.

There's no mention of other specs, but they're unlikely to be anything to get excited about. Previous versions of the Vodafone own-branded series have been budget buys to say the least.

4G on the cheap?

Whenever it arrives on UK shores, the device will allow 4G fanciers the opportunity to jump on board with next-gen speeds without shelling out for a more expensive contract or pricey handset.

However, at this stage it's questionable whether there are many folks who'll be keen enough to try 4G speeds that won't want a higher-end handset to go with it.

Via Engadget