Top 10 tennis apps on the Samsung GALAXY S4 and Note 3

Sega's been making Virtua Tennis games since 1999, meaning the series is so fine tuned you can almost smell the strawberries and cream.

It's always been a looker, and Sega's Android version continues that tradition, featuring 18 perfectly rendered stadiums from around the world and 50 real-life felt swatters.

Touch controls allow you to use top spin, slice shots, drop shots and lobs, giving you more varied shots over over rival tennis sims.

Solo players can enter a 'World Tour' mode that lets you create a mini 'you' to take on opponents from around the globe, and a Multiplayer option lets you connect with players over Bluetooth for fast-paced doubles matches, whether that's head-to-head or against computerised opponents.

Track your score with ease

5. Tennis Remote Score Lite

Free – Get it here (or £3.22 for the full version – Buy it here)

Having to mentally keep score when playing tennis can be off-putting for any player. To help in this area, Tennis Remote Score Lite allows either one or both players (or a third person) to track the score by tapping on a player's name to add points as a match progresses.

Additionally, if you have a spare speaker handy that you can connect to the GALAXY S4 or Note 3, the app will use the smartphone's Text to Speech settings to read out the scores as the match progresses. It doesn't do it in Boris Becker's voice, unfortunately, but we can live in hope that it might do one day.

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Refine shot positioning with Tennis Chart

6. Tennis Chart

Free – Get it here

If you're looking for a way to up your game tactically, whether it's adjusting your feet or discovering your weak points, Tennis Chart allows you (or someone else, unless you want to constantly stop the match) to mark where each of your shots land on the court with a tap.

This allows you to keep track of winners, forced and unforced errors and ball placement. You have the option of recording full or partial matches too, in addition to setting custom scoring rules to highlight how often you successfully pull off certain types of shots.

The app really benefits from the Samsung GALAXY S4's generous 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen or the Note 3's astounding 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, making it easy to see where you're blasting balls and what your success rate is at a glance.

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Go back to school and learn the rules

7. Sports Rules & News Free

Free – Get it here

Tennis can be a confusing game to newcomers. For a start, there's an awful lot of racket throwing and stomping about for a sport that mentions 'love' every five minutes.

Sports Rules & News is an accessible and clearly presented app that explains the rules of tennis without jargon. From understanding the scoring system to learning all about the various court surfaces, it may even rekindle some long-lost knowledge for seasoned professionals.

After you've swotted up, the app features a test mode that takes you through various questions in a true or false format to see what you've learned. And that's not all, as tennis is just one of 12 sports on offer – amazing considering it doesn't cost a penny.

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Keep your cool with this mental manual

8. Tennis Mental Winner

Free – Get it here

You may have mastered your shots, but what about your temperament? You only need to look back in tennis history to see that champions often come with a surly disposition, from John McEnroe's tantrums to David Nalbandian taking out a spectator's shins.

Tennis Mental Winner is an app that not only helps tame your nerves and emotions, but also teaches you how to remain calm and focused in nearly any situation.

Whether you're suffering from pre-match anxieties, the crowd isn't on your side or you're hitting an unusual amount of wide shots, this mental manual is your Ivan Lendl when you're struggling to break out of moody Murray mode.

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A wealth of information on the ATP and WTA tournaments

9. ATP/WTA Live

Free – Get it here

While there are plenty of apps out there providing the low down on the four major slams, there's comparatively less choice when it comes to following tournaments held by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

Luckily, this app offers up a wealth of information on the two, from the results of tours and events held throughout the year to future match schedules and live points that are updated minute-by-minute. You can track specific players too, meaning you can get all the latest on your favourite tennis starts at the swipe of a finger.

Match statistics are also thrown into the mix alongside detailed ATP and WTA singles and doubles, and if you're looking to sharpen up your knowledge on players involved with the two associations, you could do worse than checking out the app's comprehensive head-to-head records and player bios.

Tennis apps

Who's leading the pack?

10. The Tennis App

Free – Get it here

The Tennis App is something of a jack of all trades, featuring the latest tennis news and updates from social media platforms.

It also allows you to track updates based on your favourite tennis players, but the app's prized feature is an automatically updated and comprehensive rankings list for ATP Singles, ATP Doubles, ATP Doubles Teams, WTA Singles and WTA Doubles.

You can also 'star' matches as favourites to receive instant updates and notifications, in addition to browsing player directories.