Top 10 messaging apps for the GALAXY S4

Automatic responses can be lined up to be sent after anything from a missed call or text, and they can also be timed to be sent during a scheduled time period, such as a meeting. A widget can be placed on your GALAXY S4’s home screen for fast profile switching, and if you don’t have time to look at your device’s screen, an SMS Reader feature will even read out messages for you using its Text-to-Speech engine.

GALAXY S4 best messaging apps

Chat with groups of friends

9. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

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LINE takes an interesting approach to instant messaging, combining traditional video, text and image messaging with social network-style features.

The app’s ‘Home’ feature lets you share any interactions with other contacts in a Facebook-style timeline. Obviously, the focus here is on sharing and interacting, making it a more suitable option for groups of friends than privacy-conscious individuals.

Voice calling and text messaging is free across PCs, smartphones and tablets, and users can spice up conversations with ‘stickers’ that give a more personal feel to messages in a similar way to emoticons.

Best messaging apps GALAXY S4

Hide your Facebook messages with this app

10. Vault Hide SMS, Pics & Video

Free – Get it here

Vault Hide SMS is a comprehensive privacy app that hides anything from contacts, pictures, videos and instant messages in a secret location only the user can access, using a pre-set code.

As with Hide It Pro, it allows you to set a ‘secret’ contact whose messages are untraceable when sent to your device. However, it goes further by also allowing you to hide Facebook messages in the same way, and photos and videos can similarly be kept hidden.

If you think there’s a possibility you may get rumbled, the app can even log and photograph anybody that attempts to guess the passcode to your secret vault.

In a further twist of genius, you can even set up a fake vault, so if anybody demands to see what you have in it, you can show them that one. We think that’s what you call “preparing for the future.”