The Sony Xperia Tablet S – designed to fit your life

The Sony Xperia Tablet S – designed to fit your life
What CAN'T you do with the Tablet Xperia S?

Sony has brought the Xperia name to the tablet brand for the first time with the new and innovative Xperia Tablet S.

Featuring a cutting-edge processor, superb screen and the new level of Google's Android OS, the Tablet S is the device to fit your life.

Coming pre-loaded with a host of applications to enhance your world of entertainment (such as millions of tracks from Music Unlimited or a suite of movies from Video Unlimited) the Xperia Tablet S has something to offer no matter what the situation calls for – and you can even stream it to your BRAVIA TV with no fuss either.

The super slim design houses the latest Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core chip, meaning superb graphics for a great gaming experience – and delve further into the world of online gaming through the addition of the PlayStation Mobile app as well.

Want to easily share your tablet with friends and family but don't want them to have access to all your personal data? Guest Mode lets you create a specialised profile for others with complete control over which apps are accessible – and even customised wallpapers and icon layouts too.

The new album app lets you find your photos and videos more intelligently. It's easier than ever to find your favourite snap even in large libraries, with pinch-and-zoom providing a cool UI to get you closer to your pictures.

GPS tagged photos can be viewed on a map or the cool Globe View, which is great for travellers or just those that like a visual reminder of that fantastic holiday.

And with the upgraded DLNA on board, you can just 'throw' your content to the bigger screen by swiping it upwards and seeing it appear wirelessly on your TV.

From there it's a quick tap to share via social networks or upload them to cloud, meaning even if they're not in the room, your friends can still enjoy your special moments.

While some people still have reservations over tablets - choosing to never let them stray more than a few inches from the sofa to avoid damage - the Xperia Tablet S is the device that fits your lifestyle, as it even comes in a splash proof case to keep it safe even in a sudden shower of rain from the English summer.

The Sony Xperia Tablet S: the slate that fits around your lifestyle, adding gaming, music, video and fun wherever you go.

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