The guy who leaked the iPhone 5C now has an iPhone 6

iPhone 6 does an iPhone 5C with Taiwanese leak
Has Apple let a handset slip through the net?

With LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony having all announced their 2014 flagship devices, eyes are firmly on Apple as we await the iPhone 6 - and it's the subject of yet another leak.

Spotted by GforGames, Taiwanese driving and movie star Jimmy Lin has posted some images to social network Weibo apparently showing off the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 alongside the iPhone 5S.

This particular leak is signification as Lin performed a similar stunt in 2013 with the iPhone 5C, which turned out to be spot on, so hopes are high that he's managed to repeat the trick this year.

iPhone 6 - LEAK

One happy chappy (credit: Jimmy Lin, Weibo)

iPad design?

The handset in the images appears to be very similar in design to previous leaks surrounding the iPhone 6, with a larger screen and more rounded design putting it in line with the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.

Lin notes that the power key has been shifted from the top of the device to the right side, presumably to make it easier to hit thanks to the bigger screen.

iPhone 6 - LEAK

Headphone jack is still there (credit: Jimmy Lin, Weibo)

There's good news in the headphone department, as some rumours have suggested that the headphone jack will be removed on the iPhone 6 with Apple moving the capability to the lightning port - but it still appears to be present in this leak.

We expect the iPhone 6 to be announced in September, arriving at the same time as the iOS 8 update Apple revealed during WWDC, so you've still got a few more months to wait to see if Lin has managed to snag himself an early unit.

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