The fastest smartphone on the market: what makes the S4 tick?

You'll always find the GALAXY S4 offers a smooth and fluid smartphone experience, allowing you to glide between homescreens, effortlessly scroll through emails and continuously jump between apps without having to break a sweat, or waste any time.

Seamless multi-tasking on the S4

Multiple apps running on the GALAXY S4

It's easy to run multiple apps on the S4

We're always multi-tasking on our phones and, whereas this task can become more of a chore on handsets that don't feature industry-leading RAM and processing power, with the GALAXY S4 it's a breeze.

The 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM inside the S4 allows you to have more applications running at any one time than ever before, making the device the perfect tool for both business and pleasure.

With Multi Window, you can also have two apps displayed on its Full HD Super AMOLED 5-inch screen at once, so if you don't want to stop watching the latest blockbuster while you respond to an important email, say, or check something out online, you can simply make your movie share the screen with another app and you won't notice any slowdown or interruption in video playback.

Sensing the world with the S4

Air Gesture on the Samsung GALAXY S4

Gesture like a Jedi with the GALAXY S4

All that high-end power in the Samsung GALAXY S4 comes in handy when you're interacting with one or more of its nine sensors, which allow you to control your smartphone in new and exciting ways.

With Smart Scroll you can gaze at the bottom of the screen and the page you are viewing will begin to scroll without you having to lift a finger. And with Air Gesture, simply swipe your hand above the S4 to make the gallery scroll to the next image. Finally, with Smart Pause, if something interrupts you watching a movie, you needn't miss a thing as the GALAXY S4 will recognise that you're not looking at the screen and instantly pause your film.

Fast, intuitive and inventive controls like these are not possible on other handsets, as they do not have the technology or sheer processing grunt behind them to make these futuristic ideas a reality, today.

Downloads at the speed of life

Control your TV with the GALAXY S4

The GALAXY S4 is a friend to TVs

There's nothing people love more than downloading the latest app, game, tune, movie or TV show on their smartphone and with the GALAXY S4 it just got even better.

Thanks to the 2GB of RAM, punchy processor and connectivity options such as 4G and Wi-Fi b/g/n, you can download content to the S4 in almost no time at all, giving you more time to actually enjoy your content.

It's easy to find the media you want on the GALAXY S4 as well, with the well-stocked Google Play store accompanied by the Samsung Hub - which reveals the best content available so you're not left endlessly scrolling through stuff you don't want.

Plus, don't forget you can even control your TV using the GALAXY S4 thanks to its inbuilt infrared blaster and excellent WatchON application.

Supercharged World Wide Web

Using the Samsung GALAXY S4 outdoors

Enjoy the internet without a full-size computer

It's not just the awesome gestures, next-gen eye-tracking and speedy downloads that set the GALAXY S4 apart from the crowd. Oh no, it also delivers a top-notch internet experience.

The full HD display and powerful components inside the S4 give it the best foundations for browsing the web, and it makes mincemeat of even the most complex desktop sites.

Web browsing on phones has previously struggled to match the responsiveness and ease of use you get with a computer, but the GALAXY S4 changes that giving you an excellent way to surf the internet without the need for a full-size computer.