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The curvier new BlackBerry Passport is headed to AT&T

new BlackBerry Passport AT&T
See the curves?

AT&T announced during CES 2015 that it will be the sole carrier to offer the newly redesigned BlackBerry Passport.

The new BlackBerry Passport is more or less the same as the existing one, but with more rounded edges exclusively for AT&T.

It will be available for $0 down and $21.67, $27.09 or $32.50 per month on an AT&T Next 12, 18 or 24 month program, $200 on-contract or $650 by itself.

AT&T will also sell the BlackBerry Classic, BB's more traditional flagship, for $14, $17.50 or $21 on AT&T Next plans, $50 with a two-year contract or for $420 up front.

Both of these QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry devices are atypical compared to the rest of the smartphone market, but they also show that the Canadian company may finally understand what its customers want.