T-Mobile's new approach looks a hit, more Apple devices on the way

T-Mobile sales
Not even the press conference dolls frightened away customers

T-Mobile is still the fourth-place carrier in the U.S., but the company announced today that it added 1.1 million subscribers in its second quarter.

"T-Mobile's Un-carrier approach has clearly resonated with consumers," said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a press release.

Its new no-contract phone policy and early upgrade T-Mobile Jump feature have been key to customers' giving the carrier a second look, according to the Legere.

"By fixing the things that drive them mad, like contracts and upgrades, and freeing them from the two-year sentences imposed on them by our competitors, they are choosing the new T-Mobile in unprecedented numbers."

More on those 'unprecedented' numbers

Of the 1.1 million new T-Mobile subscribers, 688,000 were the all-important non-pre-paid "branded postpaid net additions," reported the company.

"Let me say it slightly different," said Legere in a Fox Business interview this afternoon. "That was more than the total phone adds of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint - combined."

Total smartphone sales, including those of prepaid customers, amounted to 4.3 million devices in the three-month span.

"There's plenty of customers coming off contracts every month from AT&T and Verizon," he noted.

"In the weekend of July 31, the porting ration between AT&T and [T-Mobile] was 2:1, which means twice as many of their customers are coming to us as opposed to going to them."

T-Mobile iPhone 5 helps too

In addition to its new Un-carrier policies, T-Mobile was able to attract previously wary customers by finally carrying an Apple smartphone by the way of iPhone 5.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 sales accounted for about 29 percent of branded gross customer additions and upgrade smartphone sales excluding MetroPCS.

The benefits of carrying iPhones should continue, as Legere expressed a positive outlook on carrying more Apple products beyond the iPhone, according to AllThingsDigital.

"I think there's a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying," Legere said. "We will expand what we offer from them."

Matt Swider