Sony Xperia Z3 launches in the US as Xperia Z3v, exclusive to Verizon

Sony Xperia Z3 US release date
Meet the Sony Xperia Z3 ... v

If you've been drooling over Gareth Beavis's Sony Xperia Z3 review for the past week or so, fret not, for you will soon be sated. Well, that is if you're running with Verizon, of course.

During an event in New York, Sony announced that the lauded Xperia Z3 is headed to the US exclusively on Verizon as the Sony Xperia Z3v. The difference in name is to denote special features and design cues that will only appear in this US edition of the device.

For one, the Z3v sports one color exclusive to the US: silver plastic beneath glass and encased in an equally silver metal band. On the inside, the Z3v comes packing a digital sound enhancement engine that empowers audio features like active noise canceling (with compatible headphones), MP3 upscaling and high resolution audio.

Just like its progeny, the Xperia Z3v will allow for Sony's PlayStation Remote Play feature with the PS4. Again, just like before, this is powered by pairing a PlayStation Dual Shock 4 with the Z3v over Bluetooth. The games are streamed over Wi-Fi connection.

In order to enable this more easily for Xperia Z3v buyers, Sony will sell the optional $40 game control mount and $60 Dual Shock 4 controllers (available in black and white) in Verizon stores.

The Sony Xperia Z3v - say that five times fast - will launch on October 23 in Verizon stores and various retailers across the nation for $199 on contract. But if you purchase a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet along with the phone, you'll knock 200 bucks off of your purchase.

So far, Sony and Verizon are mum on off-contract pricing.

Fancy a smartwatch to match?

Sony's relationship with Verizon doesn't stop at handsets. The Japanese firm also announced the nationwide availability of the Sony Smartwatch 3 through Verizon exclusively.

With that, there are no US-exclusive features to the Smartwatch 3. You can get ahold of Sony's latest wearable later this month at Verizon for $250.

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