Sony Xperia@IFA

Sony Xperia at IFA
Sony Xperia@IFA

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Sony Xperia T

One of the biggest announcements of the conference was the launch of the Sony Xperia T - the best of Sony in a smartphone.

Everybody wishes for a smartphone that combines the best of everything into one slim and stylish handset, and now that's here with the Sony Xperia T - bringing the best in photography, movies, music and gaming.

Sony Xperia T

With a 4.6-inch Mobile BRAVIA-powered HD display, everything looks crisp and clear, so whether it's jaw-dropping action or the latest bass-rocking tunes, the Xperia T is the only phone you'll need.

With NFC bulit right in, the Xperia T allows one-touch access to Xperia SmartTags, simplifying your life by cutting out endless fiddling with settings when you enter your car, get creative in the kitchen or simply want to go to sleep.

And with the Xperia T being PlayStation Certified, you know you're going to get the best of gaming on the move, with reams of classic titles available on this cutting-edge smartphone.

Sony Xperia T - the best of Sony in a smartphone

Your portal to entertainment

With the new Sony smartphone you'll have access to entertainment no matter whether you're on the beach or relaxing on the sofa – and you can even port it to the larger screen too.

Heard a tune on the radio? With Music Unlimited you get access to millions of tracks on your mobile, PS3, TV or tablet, bringing the best of everything from the indie scene to the latest popstars.

With Video Unlimited you've got access to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, classic flicks and the newest TV shows on your favourite devices.

Most new releases are available 28 days before other movie services, and with TV shows often available the day after they air you'll never be stuck for entertainment on your Sony smartphone or tablet.

And for those that like to keep their favourite videos and pictures safe, Sony PlayMemories is pre-installed to keep them secure in the cloud.

A world of entertainment wherever you are.

The best of entertainment on your Sony Smartphone

The next-gen tech in your Xperia T

With the Xperia T, Sony has created its best ever smarpthone for the ultimate HD experience - but what about the technology powering these innovations?

Sony Xperia T

Let's begin with the Mobile BRAVIA engine: using similar technology to that found in Sony's top end BRAVIA TVs, the technology gives your photos and videos a boost to make them look more sparkling than ever.

Worried about the slightly noisy photo you just captured? That's no problem for the Mobile BRAVIA Engine, bringing the best of your snaps our thanks to intelligent image rendering on the large 4.6-inch HD screen of the Sony Xperia T.

And if you're too busy to worry about constantly changing your smartphone settings then the one-touch sharing via NFC on the Sony Xperia T will help cut the hassle of every day life.

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The heart of your connected home

Control your TV with a smartphone; stream content directly from your tablet to your PS3. The connected home is coming, and the Xperia T is at its heart.

The days when our homes were filled with disparate devices are gone – the future of technology is connection, and Sony offers you the chance to simply share content no matter what device you're using.

From streaming to a Bravia TV to using the inbuilt NFC and Sony's Xperia SmartTags to quickly begin playing it through your home cinema system, your Xperia smartphone can become the hub of all manner of media in the home.

So get on board with Sony's vision of the connected home: be it TV, tablet, smartphone or laptop you'll have instant access to all the content you care about.

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Did you join the party?

We teamed up with T3 to bring you the best of Sony - and got a great conversation happening around the technology in your smartphones.

Those that joined the party over at @T3DotCom at 3PM, on September 5 used the hashtag #WinWithXperia to be in with a chance of winning a Sony Xperia T.

There was lively debate over the big trends in the industry too - so be it learning about NFC is going to change your life, giving your thoughts on the impending 4G phones or just kicking back and seeing what people think of massive screens, it was a thoroughly entertaining hour's conversation that ended in lucky readers bagging a new phone!

Stay tuned for our next Twitter party if you want to share your thoughts with like-minded peers and learn all about how technology is shaping our lives every day.

Mobile trends Twitter party

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