Meet the super secure smartphone which promises ultimate privacy from NSA

Geeksphone set to create NSA blackspot at MWC 2014
Yes, Black really is the new black

It looks like privacy is set to be a big deal at MWC 2014 and Spanish mobile company Geeksphone is first out of the gates with its Barcelona-bound Blackphone.

Thanks to a certain Mr Snowden, the whole world knows that the NSA has been paying attention to our private conversations, going so far as to access our offline PCs.

Geeksphone hopes to make that a thing of the mobile past - rather than launching with a bazillion pixels, umpteen cores or the ability to turn water into wine, the Blackphone is all about making and receiving protected phone and video calls, sending private text messages and storing secure files.

True Incognito mode

Anonymous web browsing is also enabled via a VPN, thanks to a customised version of Android called PrivatOS. This was developed in partnership with specialist mobile encryption firm Silent Circle.

Few will be familiar with the brand Geeksphone - the manufacturer's recent forays into mobile have been through the Firefox mobile OS.

But as we become ever more aware of our digital footprints, we could see the Blackphone push Geeksphone to the fore and help it compete with the security-conscious likes of BlackBerry and Samsung Knox.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, although pre-ordering will begin February 24 at MWC 2014.

Via Engadget