Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date: where can I get it?
Taking it to the edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may be tempting you towards a Samsung, and away from its less curvaceous brother the Galaxy S6, but when and where will you be able to get one?

Now is the answer meaning there's no need to wait to get your grubby mitts on its additional curved displays.

You have the choice of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, plus a variety of colours, but it's certainly not cheap.


The Galaxy S6 Edge is available from Samsung's official site, and via its own dedicated stores, but there's no sign of the 32GB model.

That means you have to make do with the even more expensive 64GB, £760 model as the price and release date for the 128GB version is still "TBC".

In terms of colour you can choose from black, white, gold or green, with the black and white versions available from April 24 in the 64GB format, while gold is currently listed as out of stock and green is "TBC".


EE is only dealing in the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for now, with white, gold and black all available now.

The recommended tariff here will see you stump up £49.99 at point of sale and then £53.49 every month for two years. In return you'll get a 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge, unlimited minutes and texts and a whopping 20GB of data.


Over to O2 and you're back to the option of either 64GB or 128GB of storage and the choice of black, white or gold, but only the 64GB version is available.

With the Galaxy S6 Edge coming in more expensive than the standard S6 you're looking at £9.99 upfront and then £56 per month in return for unlimited minutes and texts and 3GB of data on O2's recommended tariff and the phone should be with you any time from now if you opt for the black or white versions, while you'll have to hold out until May 1 for the handset in gold.


Vodafone has the 64GB and 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge models available now and you can choose from a 12 or 24 month contract and 3G or 4G tariff.

Stick with 24 months and 4G connectivity and you can get a free Galaxy S6 Edge for £53.50 a month which comes with 7GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts.


Three is stocking the 64GB version of the Galaxy Edge on March 21, but has no plans to offer any other storage options.

All the deals include unlimited calls and texts and have a £49 upfront cost, with 1GB of data for £48 a month, 2GB of data for £50 a month or all you can eat internet for £55 a month, with the phone available in black, white or gold.

Carphone Warehouse

You can pick up the Galaxy S6 SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse, but for some reason you can't do the same with the Galaxy S6 Edge, with the high street retailer only providing pay monthly plans.

Again the 32GB model is missing, with just the 64GB and 128GB S6 Edge's up for sale. Delivery for the black and white 64GB handsets is happening now, while the gold model plus all 128GB options have a 4 week wait.

There a tariffs from O2, Vodafone and EE to pick from, although almost all of them have high upfront costs on a two year deal.

Online retailers

There's a SIM-free price for the Galaxy S6 Edge on MobileFun which has the 32GB handset available in black, white or gold for the price of £699.

The 64GB model is also listed (in black, white and gold) at a pricey £749 if you fancy some extra storage.

Expansys has the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge up for sale in black, white or gold for £694.99.

Unlocked-Mobiles meanwhile is now stocking the 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge for £694.98, the 64GB model for £754.98 or the 128GB handset for £814.98, with an expected delivery of April 17.

Clove also lets you pre-order the phone in 32GB, 64GB or 128GB for £675, £725 or £800 respectively, though the prices listed are non-final estimates, so you may ultimately get charged more or less than that.

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