Samsung Galaxy S3 to get 3D functionality?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get 3D functionality?
Galaxy S3D - possibly comin' atcha, like Cleopatra

Samsung may be about to bring another dimension to its Galaxy smartphone line-up, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 reported to arrive with 3D functionality, making it the Samsung Galaxy S3D.

The idea of 3D on a smartphone isn't a new one – two phones in 2011 had the technology, the HTC Evo 3D and the LG Optimus 3D.

Given that neither handsets garnered that much praise when they were released, we're not convinced that Samsung would consider using the technology in its premium smartphone line-up – unless it is taking a leaf out of the movie studios' book and slapping a D on anything three-related to make a fast buck.

3D or not 3D?

The rumour comes from IBTimes, which is reporting that there will be two versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, one without 3D and one with.

The 3D version of the smartphone is said to have a glasses-free display (likely to be between 4.2- and 4.65-inches) and will be able to capture 3D video thanks to dual rear cameras.

The last we heard of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was when a photo taken on its camera was leaked but this image was very much in 2D.

There's still no word as to whether the Galaxy S3 will have a quad-core processor but the signs are good.

As to when we will get official confirmation of the device, it is likely that we will see it make its debut at MWC 2012, which takes place in February.

Given that 3D on phones hasn't set the world on fire, we are pegging this rumour as merely possible. But don't hold your breath.


Via IBTimes

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