Nokia EOS and Lumia 920 may have a few things in common

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia EOS could be distant cousin of Lumia 920

Nokia's next flagship Windows Phone 8 handset was widely expected for this week's London event, but the rumored EOS instead wound up being spotted elsewhere by an eager fan.

WMPoweruser reported Friday that a reader claims to have spent some face time with a Nokia EOS prototype, and was able to provide a fairly detailed description of the device as he/she saw it.

While the EOS was expected to introduce a metallic, waterproof chassis and quad-core processor earlier this year, the latest report claims it may be much closer to the current Lumia 920.

Given a sneak peek at the device, the tipster claims EOS is made of the same polycarbonate, but is "much lighter" and "highly tapered at both ends, giving the impression of a much slimmer device."

Pro Camera app

The report adds that Nokia's EOS also matches the current Lumia 920 screen size and resolution, with an AMOLED display and familiar speaker grills on the bottom of the handset.

The two smartphones appear to deviate when it comes to camera optics, with an "automatic cover that opens when the camera app is started" and a Xenon flash with what appears to be a focus-assist LED. Megapixel count on the prototype was marked as "XX megapixels," written on the lens housing.

According to the tipster, the EOS will also debut a "Nokia Pro Camera" app with manual focus and an all-new user interface, which will coexist with the company's existing camera app.

A second unnamed source told the publication that Nokia will offer the EOS in only one color and without wireless charging, an option users may be able to add by purchasing an accessory cover instead, much the same as the newly-announced Lumia 925.

Of course, as the model is in prototype form, we could see different features whenever Nokia decides to put the EOS on the market, but these details give us a decent jumping off point.