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RIM to hire 3,000 new staff in 2009

RIM set for a bumper 2009?
RIM set for a bumper 2009?

Research in Motion (BlackBerry Making People to you and me) will apparently recruit an extra 3,000 staff in 2009.

This will bring the total number of people on the Canadians' payroll to 15,000, which shows how emailing on the go is still crucial even in an economic downturn.

At least RIM won't be struggling to find new staff... there have been thousands and thousands of workers laid off by the likes of Motorola in the last year, so picking up the new staff will only be difficult when all the applicants rush through the door screaming 'Pick me! Pick me!'

Wind it down

'This is the easiest time to say 'I have to be very careful and wind down my investments,"' said co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in an interview with The Canadian Press.

But "this is the exact time to invest - if you can - because not only is there opportunity, but there are lots of resources out there."

RIM has already added over 7,000 new employees over the last 18 months as the company looks to prosper in troubled economic times, and the glut of experienced talent on the market should help it manage that easily.

That's assuming all those prospective applicants are happy moving to Canada, of course.

Via Canada East