Women wear the techno-trousers - survey

Over 5,000 women took part in the survey

It probably won't come as news that it is women who make the final decisions when it comes to purchasing home technology products. Men like to look at and compare a variety of products, but the final say lies with the woman, according to a new survey.

Siba , a Swedish electronics retail giant, looked into how women want to buy technology compared to men. "The consumer technology sector is very male-dominated, with male preferences," said Sara Widman, head of information at Siba. "All marketing has been on male terms and as we know how men shop, we wanted to know how women shop."

Over 5,000 women took part in the survey, which showed various things that could be changed to make women more likely to purchase technology devices.

"Women want to know the whole picture - as in 'what is this product for and why should I buy it?' For example, women are more likely to ask how many photos a certain camera can hold rather than the megapixel count," Widman said.Making your mind up

Women are also more likely to have already made up their minds about what product to buy when they cisit a store. "Women buy consumer technology products like men shop for clothes. Women know what they want, while men browse at random," Widman said.

Stylish devices are more likely to appeal to female buyers but Widman stressed that functionality is still a key deciding factor.

What are your experiences when it comes to shopping for technology products? Who really wears the trousers when deciding what to go for? If you have any fun recollections to tell us about, please leave a comment below.