Oppo's latest smartphone may feature a gut-busting 50MP camera

Oppo Find 7 50MP Photo
Just look at those reflections

The smartphone megapixel war is back on as a new image suggests Chinese manufacturer Oppo might have a 50MP smartphone camera.

Oppo posted a new photo of a Ford classic supposedly taken by the upcoming Find 7 in a whopping 8,160 x 6,120 resolution.

The posted image may have been enhanced by some post-processing trickery, but it seems like the Find 7's camera can handle good dynamic range. We can see a lot of sharp details without any noticeable dark shadows or overblown highlights.

There's a fair bit of purple fringing around the leaves (cropped out in the image above) as they meet the sunlight, but this effect is usually a fault of the lens.

Even with the evidence we have here, it's too early to determine the phone's camera quality from just one image.

Widening the camera gap

If the teaser image turns out to really come from the Oppo Find 7 it would dethrone the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 from having the highest megapixel count around.

The smartphone camera tech war is picking up this year and thus far we've already seen a 16MP camera on the faster auto-focusing Samsung Galaxy S5. We should see a dual-sensor HTC One 2 soon enough, and the iPhone 6 is said to have the same 8MP sensor but with a wider aperture sapphire lens.

We know megapixels don't count for even half the quality of an image, but it's a big gambit coming from Oppo. The smartphone maker has already put bets on the Find 7. Earlier reports suggest the phone will launch in two variants, one housing a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution display and the other a 1080p screen.

We'll find out if all of this hardware boasting is real very soon when the Oppo Find 7 is announced on March 19.

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