OnePlus admits it messed up the OnePlus 2 launch

OnePlus admits it messed up the OnePlus 2 launch

OnePlus has messed up, again.

Those aren't our words. They are in fact the words from OnePlus CEO Carl Pei, in an open apology to fans posted on the firm's forum.

The warning signs were there. Last year the OnePlus One arrived to much fanfare, only for the young company's plans to buckle under a clunky invite system and orders it couldn't fulfil in a timely fashion.

In the lead up to the OnePlus 2 things were looking much more positive for the OnePlus faithful, with the Chinese start-up claiming invites would be easier to come by, and handsets would ship a lot quicker.

Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. Pei admits "we only began shipping in meaningful quantities this week, nearly a month after our initial targeted shipping date."

Have lessons been learned? Well hopefully, finally, but it will be too late for some who were considering the OnePlus 2.

A silver lining?

OnePlus is keen to make it up to fans, although its choice of reconciliation won't necessarily please everyone.

It will open up sales of the OnePlus 2 to anyone, no invite required, at some point towards the end of September/start of October. The catch? It'll only be open for one hour.

Anyone hoping to snare themselves a quick OnePlus 2 purchase will have to act quickly, and keep their fingers crossed the site doesn't crash in that high-octane power hour.

Will this be enough to satisfy the naysayers? Probably not all of them, but OnePlus is open to criticism. It's even said it won't make bold availability claims for future products.

As Pei says; "we look forward to all (don't be afraid of being harsh with us) product feedback. Help us improve."

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