O2 promises to be 'Fit for 4G' with Rocky training montage-inspired teaser

O2 promises to be 'Fit for 4G' with Rocky training montage-inspired teaser
Rising up...

Everyone knows Rocky Balboa is the world's favourite underdog, so what better way for O2 to garner support for its somewhat overdue 4G LTE network launch than to channel the spirit of the Italian Stallion.

In its first ad promoting the impending launch of 4G on the network 'this summer,' O2 claimed it is fighting fit and ready to challenge the UK's undisputed LTE champ Everything Everywhere.

The Eye of the Tiger-style "Fit for 4G" teaser showcases an eager thumb (at least we think its a thumb...), lifting weights, running up stairs, and punching chicken nuggets before stepping into the ring.

The fight sees the O2-coloured blue thumb, knock out his rival in the red corner, who could possibly represent the Vodafone network, also scheduled to debut its next-gen mobile speeds before the leaves start to drop.

Just around the corner

The video, posted to the official O2 YouTube account is "unlisted" meaning only those with the link can view it, suggesting a wider release will be coming soon as part of a larger campaign.

The ad is also the first time we've seen O2's new Thumbells (dumbells for thumbs. Get it?), which are real things, aimed at improving dexterity and cutting down injuries related to smartphone use. Yes, really.

David Johnson, O2's General Manager for Devices, said: "We know our customers are using their thumbs more than ever.

"Data use is experiencing exponential growth and with 4G just around the corner, we want to make sure our customers are ready to make the most of what 4G will offer them."


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