Nokia unveils mobile charger for cyclists

Nokia launching new mobile phone charger for cyclists later this year
Nokia launching new mobile phone charger for cyclists later this year

Cyclists will soon be able to charge up their mobiles on the go with a new bicycle mobile phone charger from Nokia.

Nokia introduced a bicycle charger this week targeting customers in developing countries with limited access to electricity.

Developing markets

The mobile phone giant also hopes that the bike charger will catch on with cyclists in the UK and in Western Europe.

"We are targeting the initial rollout in the developing markets, but we do, of course, see the potential outside of these countries," Nokia spokesman Leo McKay told Reuters.

"In cities like Amsterdam for instance, where bicycles are probably the most common means of transportation, the supply of free, environmentally friendly power is pretty much limitless."

Power from your legs

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit consists of a Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14, Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycle CR-124, and a Bottle Dynamo.

"Users will get free and efficient charging from cycling as the dynamo starts charging when a bicycle speed of 6 km/h is reached and stops at 50 km/h, matching the efficiency of a normal charger when the bike is traveling at 12kmh," Nokia's press release informs us.

John Nichols, Head of Marketing, Nokia UK said: "The innovative Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit gives people even more freedom to use their Nokia handset without worrying about battery life.

"A growing number of people in the UK cycle for leisure, exercise or as a daily means of transport so this simple innovation is about convenience and getting the most out of your Nokia while you're on your bike. It's also the perfect piece of kit for those that care about the environment."

The charger will go on sale later in 2010 for around 15 euros.

Adam Hartley