New leaks reveal the Moto X+1's M-logo button and secret front sensors

Moto G
Buttonless on the front, party in the back

We're merely three days away from the Moto X+1's big reveal in Chicago on September 4 and yet another tidbit about the rumored handset has leaked out.

Another set of brand spanking new photos of the handset sent over to TK Tech News reveals the back Moto logo on the X+1's backside might actually be a button a la the LG G3.

Supposedly this small recessed dimple houses the phone's power button, which could also be used for other functions within apps.

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There's a button on the back? (credit TK Tech News)

Aside from the button it seems users can expect the Moto X+1 to arrive with an aluminum frame and a variety of finishes including wood, plastic, leather and denim. Later this holiday Verizon will purportedly release an exclusive carbon fiber version.

Here's looking at you

Motorola, Moto Aware, Moto G2, Moto X+1, Moto 360, smartphones, smartwatches, Android, Newstrack

Can you spot the four cameras? (credit: TK Tech News)

A close look at this new set of high-resolution image reveals four camera-esque sensors on the front face of the Moto X+1.

These sensors purportedly will work in conjunction with a new software feature called Moto Aware. But, according to Phone Arena, Moto Aware has been all but removed on from all of Motorola's handsets due to an Apple lawsuit blocking the feature.

Before it's removal, Moto Aware supposedly would have automatically adjusted phone settings on the fly. This includes security settings and the UI tweaks based on the user's location, as well as the lighting and ambient noise in the user's vicinity.

Meanwhile, another TK Tech News source has explained these sensors will actually be used as part of the X+1's faux 3D interface. From the sounds of it, the shifting UI interface will be very similar to Dynamic Perspective on the Amazon Fire Phone.

The price is right

Along with the new details of the Moto X+1 it seems the Moto G2 has begun shipping internationally.

Import codes picked up by Pricebaba reveal the Moto G2 with 16GB of storage space will ring up to $175 (about £105, AU$187). Previously, we heard some worrying figures, which placed a €250 (about $335, £200, AU$360) price tag on Motorola's affordable mid-range handset.

With these latest reports we can breath a sigh of relief that the handset will still be priced within the same ballpark as the original Moto G.

We expect the Moto G2 will be announced right alongside the Moto X+1. Check back in with TechRadar soon as we bring your more from Motorola's Chicago show this Thursday.

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