All New HTC One put up for sale ... on eBay

HTC One 2
We've seen that dark gray hue before, too

Leave it to a now-missing eBay posting to give us a detailed look at the oft-leaked All New HTC One.

Someone walked away with a Verizon version of the phone for a steal of $499.99 (about £300, AU$556). While there's a chance it could be a repeat of the Xbox scam, so far no words of a hoax have surfaced.

Only the HTC One 2's box is shown in the listing, but the little white box is revealing.

For one, we know the phone is headed to at least one major US carrier (no surprise there).

The packaging is perhaps most valuable in that it gives us a full breakdown of specs, though many we've seen previously.

HTC One eBay

Unfocused HTC One 2 spec sheet (credit: Droid-Life)

The processor is labeled as a Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.3GHz, and the smartphone is said to sport a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display. There's also room for a nanoSIM.

We do find some enlightenment on the storage side. This phone is a 32GB model, plus it has a microSD slot for memory expansion up to 128GB. RAM is specced at 2GB DDR2.

Of course, BoomSound is a noteworthy feature, and since we're looking at a Verizon device, it's 4G LTE-capable.

New HTC One Camera and price

As for the new One's much-talked about double cameras, the rear snappers are listed as Duo Camera with UltraPixel. They have a BSI sensor, an F2.0/28mm lens and HTC's ImageChip 2 with HDR video tech.

The front camera is listed as a 5MP BSI sensor with wide angle lens capable of HDR, 1080p video recording. HTC Zoe pokes her head out to say hi, too.

Finally, while the phone was listed for just under $500, expect the new One to cost significantly more off-contract. Except something at least $100-$200 higher.

Via Droid-Life

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