New HTC One M8 teased for 8 October event

New HTC One M8 teased for 8 October event
More megapixels for the M8?

HTC has posted an animated GIF teaser on Twitter suggesting we may see a new version of the HTC One M8 announced at its event on 8 October.

The little animation posted on Twitter by HTC shows just a handful of frames of a phone that looks an awful lot like the HTC One M8, from a few different angles.

It may sound like we're making something of nothing, but we already know HTC is holding a launch event on 8 October, an event dubbed 'Double Exposure'.

Previous leaks suggest the event will focus on a new range of Eye-series phones that offer much greater selfie skills than we're used to at present. We're talking about front flashes for night-time selfies and higher-quality front camera lenses and sensors.

Of course, this latest little tease doesn't show the front of the phone at all.


The accompanying tweet reads, "Don't adjust your screen. Just focus on the date."

We've tried to to see if there's some magic eye hijinx going on here, but all you'll get from that is a headache. However, there are other wild extrapolations to make from this.

The picture features the eighth of October date in numerical figures, but could it also relate to the megapixel count of a new HTC One M8 Eye phone? Ten on the front, an eight-megapixel UltraPixel on the back?

Your guess is as good as ours, but we're looking forward to see what HTC comes up with.

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